Tips for Choosing Your Las Vegas Casino Host

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If you are given the opportunity to pick a Las Vegas casino host to help you plan, and enjoy your Las Vegas vacation, there are certain tips that will help you pick the best one for you. As a Las Vegas regular, and regular Las Vegas writer, I have had many opportunities to choose my own Las Vegas casino host.
First off, it should be noted that you Las Vegas casino host is usually assigned to you. There are many casinos, though, that are slowly moving away from this usual trend, and giving more and more of their patrons the chance to choose their own Las Vegas casino host.

First off, if you are planning an all girls, or all guys, trip to Las Vegas, I suggest that you choose a host that will be of the same sex as you. Chances are good that a female Las Vegas casino host will be a little more in tune to the type of Las Vegas experience that a group of women would be looking for. The same holds true for an all male group with a male host.

If you are going on a couple’s trip to Las Vegas, either a male or female Las Vegas casino host will usually fit the bill. Some hosts will explain that they arrange more couple’s trips than any other kind. All of the Las Vegas casino hosts will be ready to prepare your trip for you.

I usually suggest that, if you have a chance, try to choose a Las Vegas casino host that is closest to you in age. Usually, younger Las Vegas casino hosts are more in tune with the needs of a younger client, while the more senior hosts are better for older casino patrons.

You might wonder where you could go to learn about the possible Las Vegas casino hosts that could take care of you while you are in Sin City. Most of the casinos that offer the choice of their hosts will place pictures and profiles of the hosts on their website. Some others that are starting to offer the choice of host might email you your possible selections.

When you read the profile of your possible Las Vegas casino hosts, some of the casinos will list the pastimes, and interests of the hosts. If you find one that matches your personal interests, you can bypass some of the preceding rules that I have listed. A host that is more like you will be the most in tune with what you are looking for in Las Vegas, usually.

The next time you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, check with your home casino to see if you have the chance of picking out a host. Las Vegas casino hosts can go a long way in making your Las Vegas trip more enjoyable.

How to Win Online Poker Tips

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Reading an opponent in online poker tournaments is harder than in live poker, as you have way fewer tells. You may think the only way to read an opponent is just by his betting amounts. Well, that is not completely true. Timing is a very important tell in online poker and if you manage to interpret it well it could give you an extra reading ability that will definitely improve your game significantly.

Quick Calls

When a player calls too rapidly it generally means he might have some kind of mediocre hand, could be from a middle pair or even a draw, and by making a quick call he is trying to show strength but it actually shows the opposite. Those quick calls, in most cases, represent weakness. This quick call wants you to believe that he is decided to call you everything that you bet, but this is not true.


Blinds are 150 and 300. I raise to 700 and get called by later position. Flop comes and I don’t hit, so I bluff with a continuation bet of 450, he instantly calls. If he’s got the best pair he would probably raise me or at least consider that move, but calling so quickly generally means he is either on a draw or on a weak pair. A rag appears on the turn, and here you should make a strong bet to put pressure on him. He would hardly call with a weak pair and if you are on a draw you could make even a greater bet forcing the opponent to fold. If he calls your bet on the turn then it is possible that he’s got a big pair and that he was just trapping you, so you should carefully consider whether it would be profitable to dodge a third bullet on the river.

Quick Bets

You should be cautious on this tell. Many times when someone bets to quickly it could represent a bluff. But sometimes good players do this on purpose on inexperienced ones to appear as they are bluffing when they are actually not. So they make crazy bets to appear as bluffs with very good hands. Here is when you need to have a very good understanding of his game.


Pot is 1500, blinds are 150 300. 2 Handed. Flop comes Kh 8d 7c and you check with pocket 10s, he makes a quick bet of 800 you take some time and calls. If he’s a really good hand he would rarely bet that quick and instead he would think which play would be best to take you as much money as possible, but this quick bet in most cases means he is just trying to take down the pot (delay for calling his bet could make him think you are not sure you are ahead in the hand). So the turn comes a 9d and now he quickly bets 2300, a strong bet, almost the pot. Possible straight, double pairs, you could have anything still he makes a very quick strong bet trying to take down the pot on the turn. You call since you have the second best pair and a nut straight draw plus a probably bluff from opponent, river comes and it’s a Qc. Now he makes another quick overbet of 3200. Many players will just fold in this situation, which is not a bad fold at all. However, will he bet that much with just a pair of Qs? No, what is he’s really got the king, will he bet that much with possible straight or any kind of two pair, no at all. You don’t make such bet with a single pair. So according to your readings you assume he is just trying to scare you off since none of his bets and timings makes sense at all. Overbets generally means he doesn’t want to get called. So everything will indicate he is just trying to scare you with those. If he’s got a set of 7s he wouldn’t make an overbet on the turn knowing that you took a considerable amount of time to call his bet on the flop, it wouldn’t be smart to scare you with the nuts. This is a situation where you could call here as he is surely bluffing.

So remember, although all of these tells could work very well there are good players that will likely make quick overbets to appear as they bluffing when they are actually not. Or sometimes they make quick calls with sets to trap the opponent.

How to Play Freerolls

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Freeroll is poker tournament that is free to enter. It is a way for poker rooms to promote poker and give an opportunity to test your skills for free. Although regular freerolls do not have much value, there are always different promotions going on and you sometimes might find a really good value freerolls (up to €100 entry). Anyway freerolls are fun and opportunity to play real poker without risk.

When you play a freeroll you should consider that most players there are either havent got a clue about the game or dont care that much about the tournament. As a conclusion your bets wont be respected and it will be hard to guess your opponents cards. Therefore you should play simple and straightforward poker: play only good starting hands, make bigger bets and raises, attack with good combinations and never bluff.

In the early stage of the freeroll, its common for players to go all in right away. Good advice would be to wait for AA, KK, QQ or AK and just push them all in. In late positions you can also raise JJ, TT and AQ. Never limp (call the big blind) just to see the flop as you will end up loosing your blind when someone raises.

Later in the tournament when you will have between 15-25 big blinds left, most of the maniacs who go all in all the time will be gone. If you are holding hands like AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, 99, AK or AQ, you should raise to four big blinds. From late positions you can also consider raising KQ and AJ but if someone raises you all in, you will have to fold these 2 hands.

When you have less than 10-15 big blinds left, you should start raising all in again as the stack is really small and there is no point in seeing the flop. Raise only good cards from early positions and respect the raises from these positions, so you should play only AA, KK, QQ, JJ and AK in these situations. In middle positions it is fine to raise or to call the raise from these positions with AQ and TT. If you are in late positions and these were no raise, then you can push with 77+ and KQ.