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Make Your Way to Bald Head Island

Make Your Way to Bald Head Island Posted on January 14, 2019

Situated off the North Carolina Coast, Bald Head Island is an adventure for all visitors. Cars aren’t allowed on the island, so traffic jams and rush hour traffic are things that you’ll forgo during this vacation. The beaches attract most visitors to the island. There are three with north carolina beach houses for rent to accommodate those who want water fun at their disposal during the duration of the vacation. But, there is plenty of land on the island, with attractions to match. Golf, guided nature tours, and plenty of historical sites are available for visitors’ pleasure.

Bald Head Island is free of the chain restaurants and shops on every block. But, there are plenty of shops and local eateries that are sure to put a smile on your face and give you a taste of the south’s best foods. Seafood is popular here like you’ll find on any coastal island, but there’s a variety of offerings so every visitor has their choice of foods. When you want to shop, the same rule for the chain stores exists, but there are plenty of local shops to suit your needs. There are lots of beach shops, clothing outlets, and more.

north carolina beach houses for rent

Although some people think that a Bald Head Island trip is too expensive for their budget, this happens to be one of the most affordable spots to go to when you want to experience great beach adventures.  Thousands of travelers from across the U.S. and beyond make their way to the island each year and appreciate the low costs just as much as you will.  With so much to see and do and amazing scenery and unique treasures, Bald Head Island is the place that you want to be when it is time to get away!