US Bill Aims to Repeal Online Gambling Ban

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There appears to be good news and bad news for those that enjoy the right to be able to gamble online. On one hand, there is new legislation being introduced to legalize it. On the other hand, it doesn’t appear to have much chance to pass. New legislation proposed Thursday by Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., […]

The Legal Battle for Online Gambling in America

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Gambling has been one of America’s favorite pastimes since the early days of saloon poker games and horse racing. “Gambling is in America’s blood,” claimed one anonymous woman as I breeched the topic of the recent attack on online gambling by the Senate and House of Representatives. In the early days of the Internet, gambling […]

How to Win Online Poker Tips

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Reading an opponent in online poker tournaments is harder than in live poker, as you have way fewer tells. You may think the only way to read an opponent is just by his betting amounts. Well, that is not completely true. Timing is a very important tell in online poker and if you manage to […]