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Playing More Than One Table of Online Poker

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I multitable. I would like to play one table and pore over every hand, thinking through every permutation, but I’m still playing NL10, I have limited time, and you don’t have to be that good to see what’s happening at your average microstakes table. So I’ve just started playing 16 tables at once, it’s going […]

Texas Hold ‘Em and Online Poker

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How many of you out there have you been fascinated with playing Texas hold em or playing poker online? If you answered yes to this question then maybe this general article will be of some insight or helpful tips. I had never heard of Texas hold ’em until I saw the World Series of Poker […]

How to Win Online Poker Tips

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Reading an opponent in online poker tournaments is harder than in live poker, as you have way fewer tells. You may think the only way to read an opponent is just by his betting amounts. Well, that is not completely true. Timing is a very important tell in online poker and if you manage to […]