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5 Reasons to Move to Arnold

5 Reasons to Move to Arnold Posted on January 14, 2019

Arnold is a small town in California with just over 4,000 residents. The town is located on State Route 4 and consists of 1.24 square foot of land. Sacramento, Modesto, and many other major cities are all within 100-miles of Arnold. If you are searching for a great California community to call your own, Arnold is a place worth considering. Read below to learn five reasons to consider Arnold as your new hometown.

1.    California isn’t exactly an affordable place to rent a home, but it is true that some areas do offer affordable prices. And so you should find out why this town qualified in the category. Tons of amazing homes for rent arnold ca fill the town, with options to suit all walks of life.

2.    If you are a nature lover, you’ll appreciate the area and the outdoor pleasures it brings your way. Calaveras Big Trees State Park is located in the Arnold area, as is Camp Wolfeboro, a Boy Scout camp.

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3.    Arnold is a safe community. People are worries about their safety when they move. It is an uncertain world in which we live these days, after all.  But when you live life in Arnold, the low crime rates make you feel safe day in and day out and life is much easier to enjoy to the fullest.

4.    You will never get bored when you live in Arnold. Although the town is small, there are lots of parks, museums, and galleries to fill your time. Plus you’re a short drive from major cities!

5.    Who says it doesn’t snow in California? As an Arnold resident, you enjoy beautiful summers and even cool, snow-field winters, too! Arnold is a town that truly provides its residents everything they could want or need.