Casino Tips and Tricks For You

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If you are thinking about going to the casino, you may want to read this article first. The first thing that you need to do is walk around the casino and look at all the different machines. You need to be aware that just because a machine says $.05 cents does not mean that will be all you are betting. All of the $.05 cent machines require $.05 cents per line. If you are trying to max bet on the machine it’s going to cost you $2.50 per spin. If you are playing on a $.25 cent machine, max bet is going to be $.75 cents per spin. You will want to stick with the slot machines that you can afford. Only take a certain amount of money with you and leave the rest at home. This way you wont end up spending more than you can afford. Leave the credit cards behind also.

Make sure you have a limit of how much money you will spend. If you are playing the $1.00 machines, $20.00 is not going to go far. You may want to play the $.01 or $.02 cent slot machines. Otherwise you could play the $.25 cent slots, but make sure you don’t bet max or you will be broke in less than 1 hour. Only take the amount you feel comfortable losing.

Now you want to look for a good playing slot machine. Most slot machines which are called loose machines, will pay you back about 95-98%. Usually these machines are the $1.00 or $5.00 machines. The way to find out if the machine is paying good at the time is to try it out. Only spin the reels about 10 times. If you are not ahead or even, move to the next machine. Often loose machines and tight machines are next to each other. This means that if your machine isn’t paying well, the next machine over could be a loose machine. Try the same thing with the next slot machine and keep moving if the machine doesn’t pay well.

The electric-cash and liberty machines will often spin by themselves if you have the correct combo. I find that some of these machines pay really well. Also try to pick a machine that has 2X or 100X reel on the far right hand side. These machines are also known to pay out well. The slot machines have to pay out a certain amount but this is not just for the time you are there. If the machine pays 90% this means that’s over a certain amount of time (6 months possibly) and that doesn’t mean that if your machine isn’t doing well, it’s going to pay out big. The machine is never due to pay out. If you’ve ever been really mad because the person who sat down after you left won a lot of money, don’t worry about it. It all comes down to the exact fraction of a second that you hit the bet button. When you hit the max bet or single bet button, this is the exact moment that the slot machine picks out the numbers. If you would have been sitting there it wouldn’t have been the same numbers- so don’t stress out about it.