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Playing More Than One Table of Online Poker

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I multitable. I would like to play one table and pore over every hand, thinking through every permutation, but I’m still playing NL10, I have limited time, and you don’t have to be that good to see what’s happening at your average microstakes table. So I’ve just started playing 16 tables at once, it’s going well, although I struggle with my 22 inch single widescreen monitor.

I know some people think it’s playing like a robot, but it’s not true that you play automatically, and you do remember particular villains, particular table dynamics – tight, loose, passive, aggro – surprisingly well. I can remember about 7 or 8 particular hands where I spewed or got coolered, I doubt I would remember more if I was playing only table. We naturally look for and remember patterns, and because most players at the lower levels are very predictable, once you know what type of player and you work out how you think they will react to a bet you’re on the right track.

There are numerous benefits that I’ve found:

Time – You are forced into decisions. You might think this is a bad thing, but the truth is that your first instinct, usually the simplest move, is often the right one. Let’s be honest, this can be tedious. If you are playing one or two tables and you lack discipline, you get bored or you want to try and bully the fish (who are never folding 2nd pair) it is tempting to over-think your play. This can get expensive, as it tends to lead to tilt.

Extra Rakeback – Should be obvious. If you don’t have rakeback, or a similar system of rewards, change sites and get it. I use this potato777 site, which works great, registration is easy, the site is cleanly designed. They pay via my site roughly every week and the extra dough is indispensable when you are starting a bankroll. If you have a bonus to grind out, it obviously helps.


Concentration – if like me you always have something else to do and attempt to multitask while playing poker, playing loads of tables could be the way forward. Now I have no room for anything else when I sit down to play, and I make far less mistakes. No matter who you are, if you’re not paying 100% attention to the game, you’re not playing at 100%.

It means that you will not play under the weather or stressed as the process of opening up 16 tables and playing your A-game at each is not an easy one. Too often I would open up two tables lackadaisically, tired, watching The Shield and talking on MSN at the same time, pile in on my first hand with Ace high and lose my stack to a fish with 3-6o two pair. Insta-tilt on your first hand and only one table to make it back on (not that you should be chasing losses)

Time – Intense multitabling for one or two hours, rather than sitting at one or two tables for multiple hours, for the same profit, is a better use of your time. You can then do whatever else you’d be doing, writing a poker blog for example. I have a full time job, I to work out, write a non-poker blog and write creatively, play music. I used to do most of these at the same time, which achieves little. And of course, if all you do is play poker you’ll be pretty dull, not to mention unhealthy.

There are of course downsides, but we’ll ignore them for now as we’re thinking positively, right? You may not need to be so extreme to play efficiently, you may have the right attitude from the start, disconnecting from the cash and making all the right moves at only a couple of tables, if so good for you.

Are You the Next Poker Pro?

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It was several months ago that I was introduced to playing Texas Hold ‘Em online, and I am hooked. I had never played before and didn’t have a clue as to how to play this beloved card game. I must admit it was a little daunting to know that my son and his friends were playing for real money, and I was completely clueless. However, once I signed on at a site my husband found called Full Tilt Poker, I was able to learn it and have fun playing it in no time.

There are several sites in which to play such as and, but I find that Full Tilt and is by far the easiest one to figure out and the visuals are the easiest to see. This site is completely free and only uses play money. They also offer another site at Full Tilt where you can play for free or for real money, but let’s discuss playing for fun first. Once you download your favorite poker site you will then create an account by picking a screen name and either choosing an avatar or adding a personal picture depending on what the site offers. At Full Tilt Poker you choose an avatar and screen name and off you play.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to practice if you don’t have much experience and the best way to do that is to get into enter the Hold ‘Em rooms and pick a table to play at which choices will depend on the site. You will start out with a small bank of chips, probably 1,000, which will allow you to enter a 5/10 room. That means that the blinds will be 5 for small and 10 for big. The person who is sitting to the left of the dealer is the small blind and the person to left of the small blind is the big blind. Your chips will automatically be thrown into the pot when you are the blind so you don’t need to worry about when it is your turn.

If you are the small blind and no one on the table raises, when it comes back to you, you would need to throw in just another 5 chips to play. The big blind would then just check as they already have their 10 chips in, unless they choose to raise and it goes around the table again. You are given two cards in your hand and those are what you decide to stay or fold with for starters. If you stay in the game then the “flop” is thrown onto the table which would be three cards face up for everyone to see. The betting begins again and the goal is to build the best five cards out of the two in your hand and the five which will be on the table. After the flop, if you decide to stay, the next round will give you the “turn” which is one more card face up on the table. The final card is called the “river” and is also face up on the table. The worst winning hand would be when no one has even a pair and the winner is whoever has the highest card, called the “kicker” after the river is thrown. For instance, say you are holding a 2 and a 9 in your hand and no one is holding a card higher than your nine, you would win the pot. Next you have a pair (two of the same numbered cards), two pair (two sets of matching numbered cards such as two 5’s and two 8’s) three of a kind (three of the same numbered cards), straight (any sequence of running numbers such as 6,7,8,9,10), flush (five cards with the same suit), full house (which is a three of a kind and a two of a kind in one hand), four of a kind (yes, you guessed it, four of the same numbered cards) and a straight flush (all the same suit in a running sequence of numbers).

Once you have practiced enough you have the opportunity to move to bigger rooms for bigger chip pots. The great thing about free poker is that if, while learning, you keep losing your chips, you can always re-up and try again. The chips you can earn are endless as long as you keep winning. You can also enter tournaments and sometimes they have free-roll where it doesn’t cost any of your chips to enter. For instance, right now on Full Tilt Poker you can play a Sit and Go tournament which, if you win the first and second rounds, you enter a final round in January for a chance at a seat in a real live poker game for real money that doesn’t come out of your pocket. The other poker sites have similar tournaments that have different winning possibilities.

The only downside I’ve encountered playing for free on-line is that sometimes people take it way too seriously. You can chat while playing a game and sometimes people get real nasty with their comments, but that only means you found a sore loser or someone who thinks they know so much that they have to comment on your bad choices. Seems to me those people should be playing for real money then if they know so much. These free chip sites should be played for fun and for practice so that one day you too can possibly be sitting at a real stakes table in Vegas. Good luck to all those who try to get that seat next to me!

US Bill Aims to Repeal Online Gambling Ban

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There appears to be good news and bad news for those that enjoy the right to be able to gamble online. On one hand, there is new legislation being introduced to legalize it. On the other hand, it doesn’t appear to have much chance to pass.
New legislation proposed Thursday by Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., would overturn the ban on Internet gambling that was enacted last fall.

The bill, which is likely to have a hard time getting through Congress, was proposed by Frank, who is chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. He says that the law, which prevents using credit cards to place bets online, is an inappropriate interference on the personal freedom of Americans and should be repealed.

Frank calls the ban “One of the stupidest things I ever saw.”

The Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act of 2007 would permit licensed companies to accept bets from United States residents as permitted by individual states, sports leagues and Indian tribes, according to Frank.

The bill would let operators of gambling sites be unrestricted and allow U.S. banks and credit card companies to once again allow payments to online gambling websites. The bill would also force the licensed companies to have protection against problems such as underage and compulsive gambling.

To help this, users registering at gambling sites would have to provide personal information such as name, address, date of birth, and other information. The information would go through a payment system that would check the information for accuracy.

Frank doesn’t think that the ban makes sense because other forms of legalized gambling currently exist in almost every U.S. state. He adds that the Internet gambling ban also leaves Americans who choose to gamble online without “meaningful consumer protections.”

All Internet gambling companies are located outside the U.S. Most of the companies are British yet about half of the customers in the $12 million industry are American. Those that support the ban say that online betting can be addictive and drain bank accounts.

Frank did indicate that the Democratic party most likely would not support the new legislation, especially considering the vote for the ban legislation passed by a huge 317-93 margin. The Bush administration is also probably a lock to oppose it.

Some in the gambling industry are even against Internet betting. The horse racing industry, for example, is against it because they say it could hurt the integrity of their sport. The same goes for most professional sports leagues.

The Financial Services Committee will hold a hearing regarding the topic in June.

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Casino Chip Security Tips for Avoiding Casino Chip Thieves

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Millions of people travel to casinos every year without thinking about casino chip security. They assume that since their casino chips are in front of them, there is very little that can happen to them. There are some casino chip stacking tricks that will help you to not only avoid casino chip stealers, but also your own mistakes.

First off, it should be pointed out that everyone who sits down at a casino table game should be mindful of casino chip security. With all of the action that is constantly going on around a casino, you can become distracted, and take your eyes off of your chips. You might turn your head when you hear that someone has hit a jackpot. You might look at a waitress as you are placing a drink order. You might try to catch the eye of an attractive person. Chip thieves watch for this.

Pay attention to one of the main tricks that casinos use for casino chip security. They place the smaller chips on the outside of the rack, and the highest denominations of casino chips on the inside. If chip thieves try to steal chips, they have to reach right across the dealer to get to the decent chips. This extra movement can give casino security enough time to make a catch.

There are two tips that you can take from this for your own chance at casino chip security. First off, make sure that your casino chips are located on the table in a triangle between your chest and arms. This means that if a chip thief wants your casino chips, he (or rarely she) will have to cross over part of your body to get to them. Not a chance that will want to be taken by even the most brash of casino chip thieves.

Next, casino chip security would have you put your higher denomination casino chips on the bottom of the stack. This way, if someone were able to get some of your chips, the chip thief would only get a few less-expensive chips from the top.

One other thing that you will notice if you pay attention to a table game dealer is that if someone comes up on the side, the dealer will move his or her hands and arms over the chips in an attempt to better protect them as a head is turned to see the person approaching. This is another tip of casino chip security that you should know. If you have to look away from the table, make sure that you hand goes over the top of your chips. This is one more block that you can make against casino chip thieves.

The next time you are sitting at a table game in a casino, make sure that you think about casino chip security. If you don’t, chances are good that a chip thief might begin to watch you, and your actions. The casinos can take enough of your money. Make sure that casino chip thieves don’t take you for more.

Casino Tips and Tricks For You

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If you are thinking about going to the casino, you may want to read this article first. The first thing that you need to do is walk around the casino and look at all the different machines. You need to be aware that just because a machine says $.05 cents does not mean that will be all you are betting. All of the $.05 cent machines require $.05 cents per line. If you are trying to max bet on the machine it’s going to cost you $2.50 per spin. If you are playing on a $.25 cent machine, max bet is going to be $.75 cents per spin. You will want to stick with the slot machines that you can afford. Only take a certain amount of money with you and leave the rest at home. This way you wont end up spending more than you can afford. Leave the credit cards behind also.

Make sure you have a limit of how much money you will spend. If you are playing the $1.00 machines, $20.00 is not going to go far. You may want to play the $.01 or $.02 cent slot machines. Otherwise you could play the $.25 cent slots, but make sure you don’t bet max or you will be broke in less than 1 hour. Only take the amount you feel comfortable losing.

Now you want to look for a good playing slot machine. Most slot machines which are called loose machines, will pay you back about 95-98%. Usually these machines are the $1.00 or $5.00 machines. The way to find out if the machine is paying good at the time is to try it out. Only spin the reels about 10 times. If you are not ahead or even, move to the next machine. Often loose machines and tight machines are next to each other. This means that if your machine isn’t paying well, the next machine over could be a loose machine. Try the same thing with the next slot machine and keep moving if the machine doesn’t pay well.

The electric-cash and liberty machines will often spin by themselves if you have the correct combo. I find that some of these machines pay really well. Also try to pick a machine that has 2X or 100X reel on the far right hand side. These machines are also known to pay out well. The slot machines have to pay out a certain amount but this is not just for the time you are there. If the machine pays 90% this means that’s over a certain amount of time (6 months possibly) and that doesn’t mean that if your machine isn’t doing well, it’s going to pay out big. The machine is never due to pay out. If you’ve ever been really mad because the person who sat down after you left won a lot of money, don’t worry about it. It all comes down to the exact fraction of a second that you hit the bet button. When you hit the max bet or single bet button, this is the exact moment that the slot machine picks out the numbers. If you would have been sitting there it wouldn’t have been the same numbers- so don’t stress out about it.

Texas Hold ‘Em and Online Poker

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How many of you out there have you been fascinated with playing Texas hold em or playing poker online? If you answered yes to this question then maybe this general article will be of some insight or helpful tips.
I had never heard of Texas hold ’em until I saw the World Series of Poker on ESPN a few years back. I was drawn to it like I am sure many other people were as well. As I watched I began to learn the concept and rules of the game and I thought to myself it seems easy to follow, understand, and simple to play. The more I watched the WSOP the more I became intrigued and wanted to play.

Now, not knowing who these players were on TV in the WSOP, I later come to realize that they most of them were some of the top ranked players in the world such as: Doyle Brunson, Joe Hachem, Daniel Neaugreanu just to name a few. So I thought to myself how can I be as good as them and my only conclusion was an old phrase that we all have heard time and time again practice makes perfect. I decide to put the phrase to use and I began playing with some friends of mine that had wanted to play also, nothing big just playing for fun. Well then one day on of my friends had discovered playing Texas hold ’em online and I was like awesome now I can play for fun and practice on my own at my own pace. As my friend suggested I began playing online for free and for fun and the more I played the better I became familiar with the game and how to play. So I decide to play for real money online and that is how I was introduced to online poker.

Before I get into any more detail how many of have toyed with the thought of playing online poker for money and the skeptics involved? If you answered yes then you were just like me when it came to playing and using my own money. I am telling from my own personal experience that it is great. All my skeptic thoughts were put away when I did my own research about online poker and how secure it is. As of to this day I have never had one problem playing Texas hold em online or any other poker as well. I love the fact that I can play in the comfort of my own home on my own time, there is always a table to sit and play, no long waits, small buy-in tables you name it you can play it online.

Now some of you might say yeah that is all well and good but its not just for me and that is fine, but if you like poker, Texas hold em or playing online then I hope that this article can give you some insight from my opinion to some tips and site that I am going to list. Myself personally I play on and I love the site. You can check it out for yourself. Here are some of the top International poker sites

  • Poker stars
  • Bodog Poker
  • Full Tilt Poker
  • Ultimate Bet
  • Absolute Poker

Those are just a few from that site you can check them out if you like or choose not to. I just thought it would be some useful information. Now after reading this so far and your still interested you might think well how do I know what hands to play? Well of course I have learned some things on my own from experience and to be honest just because you play certain hands you are not going to win all the time, that is why its called poker. So after a few losses and some wins I came across this book one day at a bookstore and I bought it. It’s called The Illustrated Guide to No-Limit Texas Hold’Em by Dennis Purdy. After reading a few chapters I decide to follow one specific chapter of the book that is called the Texas Hold’em Relative Win Rates for All 169 Pocket Hands. However, I threw in my twist to those win rates and personally I only play the top 25 win rate hands. Here is a list of the top 10 win rate pocket hand according to Dennis Purdy’s book The Illustrated Guide to No-Limit Texas Hold’Em



A,K suited


A,K unsuited

A, Q suited



A, Q unsuited

A,J suited

So, after reading that I put it into practice with playing for free and it worked out good for me, so then the next step came and I used those hands and played for real money and it worked out great for me and I won some money, and also so free roll tournaments.

In conclusion, I would like to say if you play poker online play responsible and at your own risk. I play for fun in my spare time to improve my playing the game. If you can do some research before you start about different sites, etc, go to a book store and buy some books about online poker and texas hold’em. I hope this has been some insight for you after reading this article.


Things You Should Consider in Looking for an Online Gambling Site

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Most people aren’t aware that once you’ve cashed in, you have to play to a certain amount of “player points” before you can cash out. Usually, these “player points” are awarded to you based on your contribution to the pot’s rake per hand. Player points can award you bonuses, tickets, and other VIP items. These points might sound like a good thing for players who want to stay in the site permanently but for those who want to jump ship, it is much of a hassle that can even leave one broke.
And so, to help you avoid the mistake of depositing to an online betting site that would turn out disappointing, I share to you these tips on investing in the right gambling website fit for your betting needs.

First of all, the sites you might only want to consider are those that are credible and well-established. There are quite a number of those legitimate gambling services all over the internet and to help you narrow your options, here are the things you ought to consider:

Number of players online.

The more players online the better. But you have to be careful with this and do more than just looking at the “no. of online players” tab. Know the peak hours of the site and take note if there is a high variance in the number of online players in a given day. What you should be looking for is low variance with high number of players. You wouldn’t want to find out that the busiest time for the gambling site is freeroll night. Jurisdiction. Make sure that the site caters to your country. Don’t bother if they don’t. But if you’re really persuasive, try asking support. Withdrawal and deposit methods. Take note if whether you’ll need to send an ID or other verification documents before making a deposit or withdrawal. Be aware of the fees and various options for making transactions with the online gambling site.

Software performance and capacity.
Before cashing-in, run the site’s software for a test drive. Use the software as how you intend to with real money. You can also check the maximum number of tables you can push the software to manage before it crashes. If you are not comfortable with its layout, processing speed, and overall performance, then maybe you need to move on to another site.

Help and Support system.
You never know when you might run into problems so before they happen, make sure that there’s an accommodating support system that you can run to. Good support systems often result to customer satisfaction.

Existing bonuses and loyalty awards.
As I’ve said above, gambling sites usually compensate their frequent and extravagant players with bonuses, freerolls, tickets, and other items. In most sites, compensation is based on accumulated “player points”. So if you’re looking into playing for the long run, better research on the site’s player points system, promotional games, incentives, and guaranteed tourneys. Other players’ feedback. Look for the site users’ feedback on various poker forums and listen to what they have to say.
So there you have it, enjoy playing online. Good luck at the tables!

The Legal Battle for Online Gambling in America

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Gambling has been one of America’s favorite pastimes since the early days of saloon poker games and horse racing. “Gambling is in America’s blood,” claimed one anonymous woman as I breeched the topic of the recent attack on online gambling by the Senate and House of Representatives. In the early days of the Internet, gambling sites took off and sported a modest income. Today, online gambling is raking in big bucks, with over 6 billion dollars in bets placed by approximately 12 million Americans in 2005. At least half of the world’s online gamblers are believed to live in America. You may think that astonishing numbers such as these would have politicians embracing this new market, for its unlimited potential and popularity. Just the opposite seems to be occurring. In late September of 2006, congress placed a ban on banks making payouts to online gambling services. President George Bush may soon sign the online gambling bill, which was tacked onto legislation strengthening port security, into law.

The fact that the government, which supports state run lotteries, is moving against online gambling is nothing less than hypocrisy. Take into consideration the number of casino’s, horse tracks and dog tracks in the country who are backed fully by their state Senators. These embraced forms of gambling bring in big taxable dollars, not to mention the campaign contributions from the offline gambling giants. Because online gambling is illegal in the United States these online gambling sites are not taxable for their income nor are the gamblers who visit these sites. The real reason that congress is moving against online gambling has nothing to do with their moral or other obligations they feel to protect the compulsive over gambler, it is simply because these sites drive the gamblers away from offline casino’s and race tracks and into their computer rooms, by offering higher payouts, therefore lowering the taxed income from the embraced gambling forums.

If politicians would redirect their efforts to encompass a way to legalize and regulate online gambling sites, millions of dollars could be added to the public coffers through taxation. Great Britain has already legalized online gambling, which has proven to benefit their economy. The current directive of online gambling prohibition in America has simply proven not to work. Gamblers will seek out a way to gamble. Online gambling sites will be ran without regulation by shady characters who may rip off the unsuspecting gambler through rigged games or identity theft, leaving little coarse of action to regain what has been stolen.

The proper coarse of action is simple. American consumers obviously want to gamble online; they should legally be allowed to do so. By legalizing online gambling it would bring the industry into the legitimate gambling realm, along side casino’s and horse tracks. There is no real difference between gambling in an offline casino and gambling online in your home. The only difference is one is legal in America, and one is not. Let’s legalize online gambling in America and enjoy the benefits of its tax revenues. Don’t allow your politicians to rob you of these benefits for political reasons.

Gambling is in America’s blood. Legislators need to accept that. Online gambling is one of the Internets largest moneymakers and we can benefit from legalization more than from prohibition. Internet gambling is not a sin, and should not be treated as such. Sadly, it appears that the legal battle for online gambling in America is nowhere near over. I only hope that we can open ourselves up to the possibility of gaining tax revenue from Internet gambling rather than to send all profits to those operating outside of the law.

How to Be a Successful Online Poker Tournament Player

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As you may know, tournament play is completely different than cash games. While in cash games you can recover as many times as you want. In tournaments once you are out there is no second chance. Hence, you need to be more careful in each the hands you play and gamble as less as possible.

Be patient.

If you are not hitting good hands then don’t get involved in huge pots that could cost your tournament life. Wait for the hand and hit big.

Keep it simple.

Don’t try to make spectacular calls with small pairs or Ace high, or risky bluffs. If you get caught in some of those hands you will probably loose a lot of money. Stick to your hand’s value, if you hit, bet, if you don’t,just check, avoid getting trapped.

Avoid coin flips.

Good tournament players often try to avoid as much as possible coin flips. If you’ve been raised two times preflop then it won’t be a bad idea to fold queens or AK. AK is quite an overrated hand. You’ve got nothing. Pocket of 3s has better odds than AK or AQ. By the way, AK is not much favorite hand against 76 or 85, not at all. You will still lose 40% of the times against any suited connector. So if you think someone is trying to steal your blinds with nothing and you’ve got A10 I still won’t put at risk my whole tournament on such lottery. He might have 72 but still you are not great favorite in the hand. One every three times you will lose against 72 with A10.

Focus on the average stack.

If you are one of the big stacks of the table, don’t think you could outplay anyone by intimidation. Early chip leaders most of the time don’t even reach the bubble. They loose their chips the same way they’ve won them. So if you think your are way above average stack and you are still in the beginning of the tournament then consider playing tight until the number of seating players is reduced. If you are big stack and in the bubble then you could play aggressively and take advantage of it.

This is it, some tips to improve your tournament play. Remember good tournament players are not those who make impressive calls or great bluffs. Just keep it simple so you could be successful in the long run. Finally avoid coin flips that could put your whole tournament at risk. Good luck!

Online Gambling for the Poker Player

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Die-hard poker fans will never get enough of the game. That’s why online gambling has become all the rage. It allows you to play poker 24 hours a day, should you so desire.
There are websites designed specifically for gambling poker players. You can get in on paying games where participants are from all around the world. Everyone is aiming to be a gambling pro, or someone who actually makes his or her living at playing online poker games.

Online gambling isn’t necessarily a good thing. If you happen to have a gambling addiction problem, the full, all day, all night access to gambling parlors can be devastating to a bank account. Even if you don’t consider yourself to have a problem, online poker is addicting and you might just find yourself skipping meals to play just one more hand.

When playing poker online, you also have to be careful that you are gambling on a reputable website. Some are built to take your money, while others contain Spyware that will download itself to your computer and begin to record such vital information as your credit card number, bank accounts, and passwords. All this information gets transmitted back to the master site where live human beings can use it to steal your identity. So, make sure you are getting onto a decent site.

It is a good idea to install an antivirus program as well as an anti-spyware program on your computer before you start to gamble. This will help prevent problems down the road. Another way to verify that the site you are thinking of joining is a good one is to hop onto a poker playing forum and asking. Other online players will be happy to let you know which websites they consider to be the best and the worst.

The advantage of online poker is that you have a wide variety of game choices. Do you prefer Texas HoldĀ“Em over Tri Card poker? Or perhaps you like a good round of 7 Card Stud or 5 Card Draw? You can find these games and several variations online and you never have to teach someone else how to play your game!

Since the internet connect people around the world, you will always have someone to play against, even at 3 am your time, it could be noon for your opponents. The web never sleeps and neither do many online poker players. They can stay up all night long, betting.

If you like online gambling, but don’t want to risk your life’s savings, you can play poker just for fun online as well. There are special games that give you imaginary money to spend and you never waste a penny of your own hard-earned cash. This is perhaps the best option for many gambling addicts, since they get the thrill but don’t lose their shirts!

Online gambling can be a good way to pass the time without the hassle of going to a casino, but it can also be dangerous, both to your wallet and your computer! So play with caution and have fun.